Hello Parents,

Just a quick reminder about swim tests for LMC’s youth sailing program. We require all participants in the sailing program to complete a swim test prior to the start of their program to ensure that all sailors are comfortable on the water. We strongly recommend all children take our swim test during the time listed below as your child will not be allowed in a boat until a 2015 swim test has been completed. Every participant (including those in the racing classes) needs to complete a test, even if they have done so in the past. In addition to the swim tests that were offered in June, LMC is offering a free swim test for Session 2 sailors at the following date/times:

Wednesday, July 15th, 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm. 

All swim tests are conducted at LMC. Children will take the test fully clothed and should also bring a lifejacket. The test is conducted under close supervision by certified lifeguards and the test takes about 5 minutes from start to finish. The basic outline of the swim test is as follows:

The children jump into the water with a lifejacket on, they take their lifejacket off, they swim the length of the dock and back (about 50ft in total), they tread water for 60 seconds, they put their lifejacket back on and then they’re done. Children cannot touch the dock during the test or they’ll need to retake it or restart it.

If you have any questions about the swim test please contact Katie Manning, LMC’s Head of Sailing at: