Scholarships for 2014 season available

Lincoln Maritime Center has received a $7,000 grant from the Hingham-Hull Rotary Club to provide scholarships to junior sailors and rowers on a needs basis for the 2014 season.  The grant became available to Hingham-Hull Rotary Club  from the Mabelle Fullerton Grant.  The grant is managed by the Rotary Foundation of District 7950.

Hingham-Hull Rotary Club President, Chris Mitchell, requested the grant for the Lincoln Maritime Center to offer scholarships to children who would not otherwise have access to the lessons.  Chris is an avid sailor who was unable to afford sailing lessons as a kid.  He has identified that there are children in the Hingham and Hull area who cannot afford the opportunity to learn to sail or row.  He wants to share one of Hingham’s greatest assets, Hingham Harbor, to the youth of Hingham and Hull.

Please send your scholarship request to Ellen Gray, Executive Director at

Lincoln Maritime Center’s 2014 sailing and rowing class schedules may be found on this website.