What should I bring?

In order to come prepared for sailing lessons, please bring the following items:

  • proper fitting lifejacket (PFD)**
  • whistle, attached to lifejacket
  • closed toe shoes, Crocks, sailing boots
  • hat
  • WATER!!
  • sunscreen – put it on before you leave home
  • towel
  • warm clothes (if you get wet)
  • bathing suit (you never know when you will get wet)
  • avoid jewelry especially hoop earrings, necklaces, non waterproof watches, something of value
  • Please leave all electronic devices at home. Phones must be left on shore.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times
  • Helmet (Bike Helmet or sailing Helmet) are recommended. Helmets are not mandatory but we particularly recommend that new or youth sailors consider wearing one to reduce the risk of head injury or concussion. To read more about the increased use of helmets in sailing, please click on this link.

What is your weather policy?

  • We will sail in light rain.
  • Heavy rain or high winds: Sailing skill-related games/activities will be offered on the wharf or in the boathouse.
  • Thunder and lightning: Classes will be cancelled. 

Do you require a swim check?

All sailors enrolled in Beginner AM, Beginner PM, Apprentice I, or Venture AM 12+ Beginner MUST complete a swim check, regardless of whether they are returning participants or newcomers. Both session 1 and session 2 sailors must complete the swim check. It is a Hingham Maritime Center policy that once a sailor advances past the primary levels of lessons, they are exempt from the swim check.

The Swim Check is to protect the safety of all youth sailing participants. We must ensure all sailors are comfortable both on the water and in the water, while participating in a beginner or apprentice level course.

All sailing participants must attend one of the scheduled swim checks (the 2019 dates will be posted). Parents may choose whichever date best fits your schedule. There will be a variety of dates available in order for all participants to find a time to attend. You can show up at whichever time you choose within the hour block, you do not need to arrive right on the hour. The swim check takes approximately 5 minutes or less, but you may need to wait depending on the amount of sailors, so please plan accordingly.

The swim check must be completed BEFORE the first day of sailing lessons. Please note that in addition to a successful swim check, each child must have a current waiver, which must be completed before the first day of class. You can complete the waiver by clicking here.

If a child does not receive a red ticket, they are welcome to attend another scheduled date and try to pass the check again. The swim check is to assure all children will be comfortable if they end up entering the water while sailing.

Please bring a life jacket and towel. Please wear closed toe shoes (that can get wet), a bathing suit, and light clothing over. All participants must enter the water wearing clothing and shoes.

No parents are allowed access on the dock during swim checks. Parents are welcome to wait on the wharf.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

For all classes except Beginner AM and PM youth sailing, full refunds will be issued to those who cancel through our online booking system, 30 days prior to the start of the class. Cancellations within 30 days of the class start date will incur a $50 cancellation fee. Registration fees are forfeited after the start of the class. All cancellation notices should be directed to: contact@hinghammaritime.org.

For Beginner AM and PM, full refunds will be issued to those who cancel through our booking system 45 days prior to the class start date. 50% refunds will be issued for cancellation less than 45 days in advance. Registration fees are forfeited after the start of the class. Cancellations can be handled through our booking system.

What is your scholarship policy? Do you allow payment in installments?

HMC offers youth sailing scholarships and our policy is available below. The scholarship deadline is April 15th, 2018 although applications received after that point may still be considered. For both youth and adult classes, HMC also offers a payment instalment plan upon request; please click on the links below for more information.

2018 Hingham Maritime Center_PaymentInstallmentForm

2018 Hingham Maritime Center_ScholarshipPolicyandForm

What class should I/my child be in?

If your child sailed with us in the 2017 season, you would have received an end of year evaluation, which includes the instructor’s recommendation for a 2018 class. If you are an adult sailor, new to sailing or to HMC’s programs, please read our class descriptions on the Youth or Adult Sailing pages. If you still have questions about your level, please email: sailing@hinghammaritime.org

My child has a summer birthday, can they register for a certain class?

For classes with age requirements, children or youth participants must turn the required age before the end of the session in order to register for the class. (For example: Sam is 6 but he would like to sail in Session 1, which runs from June 19th to July 14th. He turns 7 on July 10th. Sam can register for this class.)

The last day of school has changed due to snow days-what now?

HMC plans the summer program dates during the preceding winter, so the last day of school can be difficult to predict. Youth summer sailing typically starts whichever Monday follows the ‘180th’ day on the Hingham Public School calendar. If Session One sailors miss sailing days due to snow days, we will add in Wednesdays so that the sailors still receive the same amount of class time. If necessary, we may also extend a few make up days into Session 2 if the winter is particularly hard that year. Once the last day of school seems certain, Session 1 parents will receive notice of any updated schedule or added days.

We're going on vacation at some point; do you pro-rate or split classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer pro-rating or split classes in our sailing programs.  In our youth programs, HMC offers two, four-week sessions (rather than the more traditional eight week blocks that are common in other programs) in the hopes that we can make sailing work for as many families as possible. We do offer private lessons or group private lessons if your schedule will not permit enrolment in a full session.


I'm doing my taxes and need your Federal Identification Number (FIN)...

HMC’s FIN is: 04-2481637

Do you offer private lessons or team building events?

Yes. HMC offers private lessons at a variety of times, but most often outside of peak class times (i.e. weekends, Wednesdays, evenings and early mornings).  Private lesson rates start at $65/hr and they can be booked as a group or individual lesson. If you are interested in booking private lessons, please email: sailing@hinghammaritime.org

We also offer team building events in both our rowing and sailing fleet. If you are interested in discussing options, scheduling and fees for a corporate or team building event, please send an email to contact@hinghammaritime.org