Questions about youth rowing?

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General Questions

What kind of boat will I be in?

HMC’s fleet is centered around a core of ‘coastal’ (ocean standard) sliding seat sculling boats. Unlike traditional coastal boats, our boats are all fiberglass with seats that move back in forth, exactly like a racing shell. We mainly do sculling, which means that each person has two oars rather than one (aka ‘sweep’ rowing). We have small boats (1/2 people) and crew boats (4/5 people). We also have a few racing shells (1x, 2x, 4x-, 8+) that are available to our advanced rowers and to those in our pilot, invite sweep program.

Small Boats:

These are one person (singles) or two person boats (doubles). LMC owns Hudson tubs, Alden Stars, Echoes, a Maas double and a few other small boat racing shells. Small boats are used in a variety of different scenarios and we also offer dedicated Small Boat Classes at the Novice and Open/Advanced Level (instructor approval required for Open/Advanced Small Boat).

Hudson T11 Quads:

HMC owns four Hudson T11 Quads (four people, one coxswain). These open water/coastal boats are used across all levels, and even the advanced classes will go out in these boats on windy or rough days. They are stable, sliding seat shells that provide a great way of facilitating both the learning and advancement of your rowing. If you sign up for Learn to Row, Beginner or Open, you will most likely row in a Hudson T11.

Racing Shells:

HMC owns a Peinert lighweight racing single, a Hudson heavyweight racing double/pair, two coxless racing quads and lightweight women’s 8+. These fast and light boats require a comprehensive knowledge of both rowing and the waterway and they provide a chance for some of our adult rowers to test and sharpen their rowing skills and abilities. The Advanced/Racing Quad class is for rowers who have met the criteria as outlined above for this class.

The Four Seasons Pass: Save money, spend more time on the water

Save money and guarantee your spot in your favorite rowing class by booking the 4 Seasons Pass! If you plan on rowing all four on water seasons with HMC then this is the package for you. Sign up for Spring, Summer A, Summer B, and Fall seasons in advance and you save on program fees. The package rate applies when you book four eligible programs (one per season). Please note that the 4 Seasons Pass rate cannot be retrospectively applied to bookings. Register today for the best rate and get ready to row all 4 Seasons! Eligible programs: Experienced Hudson, Men’s Rowing, Small Boats, Competitive & Recreational, Racing 4xs, and Sweep 8+ Advanced.

Purchase your 4 Seasons Pass Click on Prepaid packages and select your 4 Season Pass program. After purchasing your 4 Seasons Pass please go to New booking in your customer area to book your program in each season – Spring, Summer A, Summer B, and Fall.

Please note: your booking is not complete until you register for your class. The credits will automatically be applied when you get to check out.

Are there any basic guidelines for HMC’s Rowing Program?

  • Substitutes: If you have to miss a workout you MUST find a substitute; the only exception is those registered for the small boat classes. This is VERY IMPORTANT. In order to arrange a substitute, you need to subscribe to the sub list by emailing: Once you are a member of the sublist group, you will be able to post for a sub if you cannot make a rowing session. It is each rower’s responsibility to find a substitute if they are unable to make a workout. The shells require 5 people and cannot leave the dock without each seat filled.
  • Clothing: Wear athletic clothing that is easy to move in and form fitting (without front pockets). Loose or baggy clothing will get caught on the oars or in the rollers of the moving seats. Also, please be aware that it is usually colder on the water. Dress in layers for weather that is 10 degrees cooler than it is at your house.
  • Arrival: Arrive ready to row 10 minutes prior to the start time. This is important for two reasons: (1) we need to be sure that each shell has enough people necessary to be able to leave the dock; and (2) announcements and directions are given by the coaches at that time.
  • Cancellations: Rowing sessions are rarely cancelled. If we do not end up going on the water, a land based erg workout will take place unless extreme weather prohibits this. If all classes are cancelled (land and water), we will attempt to notify rowers ahead of time and/or update the HMC Facebook page.
  • Rain: We will go out if it is raining, so please come prepared. Erging is available if there is heavy fog, or thunder and lightening.

I’d like to be able to take a scull or shell out on my own, is this possible? Do you offer shell storage or racks?

At present, our ‘Open’/independent boating criteria and policy is under review. We will post updated guidelines and offerings before the beginning of the Summer A session, with a view towards opening Open Rowing at the beginning of this session.

At the moment, HMC does not offer private shell storage or rack space. If you own your own shell and would like to inquire about launching from HMC’s docks, please email: for more information.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

Class fees will be refunded upon written cancellation received prior to 30 days from the start of class. A $50 administration fee will be assessed for these changes. If you need to make a cancellation or request a scheduling change, please email:

The last day of school has changed due to snow days-what now?

For those rowers in the youth summer rowing program, please note that HMC plans the summer program dates during the preceding winter, so the last day of school can be difficult to predict. Youth summer rowing typically starts whichever Monday follows the ‘180th’ day on the Hingham Public School calendar.

If Session One rowers miss rowing days due to snow days, we will add in Fridays so that the rowers still receive the same amount of class time. If necessary, we may also extend a few make up days into Session 2 if the winter is particularly hard that year. Once the last day of school seems certain, Session 1 parents will receive notice of any updated schedule or added days.

We’re going on vacation at some point; do you pro-rate classes?

Unfortunately we do not offer pro-rating in our rowing programs. In our youth and adult programs, HMC offers a variety of sessions/options in the hopes that we can make rowing work for as many families as possible. We do offer private lessons or group private lessons if your schedule will not permit enrolment in a full session.

What is your scholarship policy? Do you allow payment in installments?

HMC offers youth sailing scholarships and our policy is available here. The scholarship deadline is April 15th, 2018 although applications received after that point may still be considered. For both youth and adult classes, HMC does offer a payment installment plan upon request; please click on the links below for more information.

2018 Hingham Maritime Center_PaymentInstallmentForm

2018 Hingham Maritime Center_ScholarshipPolicyandForm

Do you offer private lessons or group bookings?

Yes we do! These offerings are increasingly popular with rowers who find that none of the class times work or that they’d prefer more individual attention. We instruct all levels (from complete beginner to advanced) in a variety of different boats. Group bookings (2+) are also available upon request and we welcome enquires from groups or employers and can provide flexible, informative and fun tailored sessions. Please email: for more information about either of these options and for rates/availability.

Who can I speak with about the rowing program?

If you would still like more information about HMC’s rowing program, please feel free to reach out to Sara Miller, HMC’s Director of Rowing. She can be reached on and will get back to you as soon as she gets off the water!