Hingham Maritime Center’s greatest asset is its people – from its Board of Trustees, to the Executive Director or to its staff of twenty-six; they all share a passion for the water, for maritime education and for sharing and protecting Hingham’s harbor. Our people pursue this passion by sharing their skills in their respective sport—whether that’s sailing or rowing—with the local community in the most affordable, accessible and welcoming way that they can.

We have both homegrown and imported talent with some staff members getting their start in sailing and rowing through the HMC programs, only to come back and teach the next generation during and after college. Some of the Maritime’s coaches come from further afield and have experience coaching and competition at the National and International level. This great combination of local knowledge and broader experience means that HMC has a coaching roster—in both rowing and sailing—that is truly first-class.

This commitment to our mission and our people comes straight from the top; all of our Trustees are active sailors or rowers, which means that they are experienced stewards of HMC’s mission. Many of our board members have long histories with HMC and some of them even learned how to row or sail here. Aside from their own interests, many of them have also have had their own children learn the fundamentals of sailing and rowing at HMC and they are all committed to preserving this resource for future generations.

Finally, the people who matter just as much as our staff or board are our participants, the 500 plus individuals who make up the HMC community. These are the people who want to make the ocean a part of their lives in a time when seaside communities no longer depend on the sea for their livelihoods.

Our participants are the ones who chose to stop, look and learn and find a way of reconnecting with the sea; they’re curious enough to pick up a new skill as an adult or they believe that it’s important for their children or grandchildren to be out on the harbor, sailing or rowing. And they come back with something new every time that they head out—about tides, islands, birds, lines, rudders or the arc of a blade through the water—and the sea is once again part of their lives.