HMC Annual Fund 2019

Since its inception in 1970, thousands of participants have enjoyed sailing, rowing, and nautical education at Hingham Maritime Center (HMC) on Barnes Wharf. HMC has the simple mission of enriching the lives of people from Hingham and beyond by providing affordable access to beautiful Hingham Harbor. While the goal may seem straightforward, the execution requires the continued support of dedicated staff, volunteers, and financial donors.

People are initially drawn to HMC for a myriad of reasons — love of the ocean, connection to the sports of rowing and/or sailing, a desire to be outside — but they all end up with memories to last a lifetime.

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They tell us of the health benefits, both physical and mental. Water sports provide access to fresh air and a connection to nature… a chance to unplug. They can lift the spirits, elevate mood, and keep you refreshingly energized. The tranquil quality of water also helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. There are the added health benefits of increased cardiovascular exercise, the fluidity of water helping to soothe achy joints, and improved balance demanded by the motion of the boat.

But beyond this, there are many life lessons taken from participation in sailing and rowing. There are obvious take-aways like water safety knowledge and the math and science exposure through observing weather, water, and wind behavior. Our athletes also talk of the teamwork and leadership experience, developing self-confidence that builds a foundation of self-reliance, and learning to cope with adversity. And perhaps the greatest gift is the idea of possibility… the feeling, developed through accomplishment, that you are prepared for what lies ahead in your future.

We welcome you to share your favorite memories with us, as it is the shared community connection that truly makes HMC a special place. And we invite you to listen to those whose lives have been touched by HMC tell you about the impact in their own words:

To achieve this, HMC currently employs a team of 1 executive director, 2 program directors, 2 year round part-time staff members, and 20 or more seasonal employees to develop, support, and deliver over 1,400 hours of instruction per season. We manage an extensive amount of equipment including:

  • Sailing fleet of Optis, Prams, N10s, Rhodes 19s, Lasers, Hunter 146, 420s,… and the additions of Quests and a Zest in 2019
  • Rowing fleet of 8+, 4+, 4x-, 2x, 1xs, touring shells, coastal shells, racing shells, sweep oars, sculling oars, ergometers
  • powerboat fleet from 17’ to 13’ with 70HP to 25HP
  • 3 mooring systems with 1000s of feet of ½” chain and 1000s of pounds of anchorage
  • 5,280 sq ft of docking
  • 2 buildings and (one 30-year lease to construct a new boathouse)

In addition to running our own programming, HMC proudly hosts a variety of community programs including HHS fall and spring crew, HHS sailing, Derby Academy rowing, and NDA sailing. The Special Needs Athletic Partnership (SNAP) rowing operated on Barnes Wharf for years, and we have hopes of developing an inclusive sailing program. Summer 2020 will be our 3rd providing maritime education free of charge to campers from Sunset Point Camp in Hull, many who live in difficult conditions and would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the ocean and its offerings.

Programming fees only cover approximately 80% of the costs associated with running Hingham Maritime Center. We have relied on the incredible generosity of our community since the beginning, and thank you in advance for any support you provide now to continue to build on HMC’s legacy.

Let’s work together to celebrate the shared story of our past… and push towards a bright future creating many more memories.

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HMC is a 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. Our tax ID number is: 04-2481637.

Thank you for your support!