Hingham Maritime Center Receives $370,000  grant to Replace dock system

The MA Seaport Economic Council awarded the Town of Hingham $370,000 to replace and upgrade Hingham Maritime Center’s dock system. As the town’s home of community boating as well as the Hingham High School rowing and sailing teams the new and upgraded docking system will provide a safer and better overall experience for participants. To satisfy the grant’s matching fund requirement HMC was required to provide an additional $92,500 which they have successfully raised. Hingham Maritime Center has invested $47,000 of this to replace a deteriorating 420 sailboat storage float that is used by the HHS sailing team in the spring and fall.

This important dock replacement program is the first step in a more comprehensive development of the coastal infrastructure of the site. These include the planned repair and rebuilding of the wharf itself (which is being undertaken by the Town of Hingham) as well as the construction and completion of a new building that will house Hingham Maritime’s planned year-round activities.

Work has already begun on this exciting project. The new dock system has been designed and is currently ready to go through the permitting process. “If all goes as planned, the new docks will be in place for the 2019 season, and they will significantly improve our ability to deliver first rate programs to the Hingham community”, said Nic Judson, Executive Director.

This grant would not have been possible without the enthusiastic support of the Town of Hingham Board of Selectmen, and our State Senators, Patrick O’Connor and Joan Meschino.
“Expanding and enhancing the public’s access to safe, fun and educational maritime activities right within the South Shore is a positive and necessary outcome these funds will enable”, said Nancy Kerber, HMC’s President.

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Hingham Maritime Center: HMC’s mission is to enhance the lives of the residents of Hingham and the surrounding area by providing opportunities for all to enjoy access to sailing, rowing and maritime related educational opportunities. This is accomplished by offering recreational and competitive sailing and rowing as well as educational programs for young and old, novice and expert, with excellent instruction, at an affordable cost, in a safe environment. HMC emphasizes developing and promoting life-long skills, healthy living, good sportsmanship and an enduring love of Hingham Harbor. A licensed non-profit organization, HMC offers scholarships based on financial need which are available to eligible sailors and rowers of all ages. www.hinghammaritime.org

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council: The Seaport Economic Council helps coastal communities develop and improve local assets to facilitate economic growth. The Seaport Council serves all 78 of Massachusetts’ diverse coastal communities and helps each to use their unique economic assets to grow the economy and unlock job creation. The Council also awards grants to create jobs and build resilience to climate change. Grant funds are to be used for capital expenses. Preference will be given to those applications that demonstrate collaboration and joint applications are encouraged from entities with a proven track record in maritime sector strategy, maritime economic development, and the development of economically supportive and resilient coastal assets in a sustainable fashion. https://www.mass.gov/orgs/seaport-economic-council

For Immediate Release
October 22, 2018

Information Contacts:
Nic Judson; Executive Director (508-292-7527, njudson@hinghammaritime.org) or
Nancy Kerber, President (617-335-5896; nancy@ckerber.com)