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It’s back……

Time to gear up again for HMC’s 2017/2018 erging program!


Adult ErgFit

ErgFit takes the best of our traditional winter erging and CRASH-B prep programs and combines them into one comprehensive class. This program, designed by our Director of Rowing, mixes up the traditional erg format by throwing in some core, stability and resistance training, bearing in mind individual levels and goals. All levels are welcome in our dry land erging program and the workout is as easy or as challenging as you like-that’s up to you. Call it a full heart and body workout; it’s guaranteed to keep you fit and working hard while the boats are out of the water!

Youth ErgFit/CRASH-B Prep

Youth erging is split into two levels: Advanced and Open/Recreational. The Advanced class is designed to prepare High School and select middle school rowers for the youth and junior races at the World Indoor Rowing Championships (otherwise known as the CRASH-Bs) which is held in late February every year in Boston. Youth ages 12 and 13 on race day can enter the 4 minute Girls and Boys race, where results are determined by the total meters rowed. Youth age 14 and up on race day can enter the Junior Categories and compete in the 2000 meter race. This indoor race is a fun and exciting introduction to the world of competitive rowing and our youth racers will be on a well designed and manageable race prep program in the lead up to the event.

Open/Recreational youth erging is for those rowers who are new to the sport and want to learn the fundamentals in a fun and focused way as well as existing rowers who are developing within the sport. Coaches will instruct and deliver challenging workouts that offer athletes the chance to develop at the appropriate for their level. Open/Recreational rowers will also have the chance to train for the CRASH-Bs if this is something they’d like to explore.


For questions about your level or the program, please email:

2017/2018 Erging Session Dates
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Session 1 Oct 30-Dec 21, 2017  HMC
CLOSED Closed Dec 23-Jan 1
Session 2 Jan 2-Feb 16 Sons of Italy Lodge, Hingham
Session 3 Feb 26-April 13 Sons of Italy Lodge, Hingham/HMC
Back on the water on April 30, 2017

 Adult Session 3 Timetable:

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(please note: class size is limited to 12 spots and classes must have a minimum of 4 bookings to run. Booking will open on 01/20/18)

Monday/Wednesday 8:30am-9:30am Sons of Italy/$250
Tuesday/Thursday 5:45am-6:45am Sons of Italy/$250
Tuesday/Thursday 7:00am-8:00am Sons of Italy/$250

Youth Session 3 Timetable

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Monday/Wednesday (Open Level/Recreational) 3pm-4pm Sons of Italy/$250
Monday/Wednesday (Open Level/Recreational) 4pm-5pm Sons of Italy/$250
Monday/Wednesday (HS/Advanced-Invite only) 5pm-6pm Sons of Italy/$250