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Since 1971, Hingham Maritime Center has been committed to our vision of community access to Hingham Harbor for all through accessible sailing and rowing programs. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we depend on the support and generosity of area residents, businesses and organizations to connect thousands of children and adults with the sea. We operate under the guidance of a dedicated volunteer board of directors who represent our community and share our love of Hingham Harbor and passion for boating.

The Annual Fund – “Boating for All

Each year we raise funds that are critical to the successful operation of Hingham Maritime Center, and the ongoing availability of community boating opportunities in Hingham Harbor.

Specifically, this fund supports four main areas:

  • Financial assistance for those who cannot afford the fees, making HMC truly available as a resource to the entire community and a gateway to Hingham Harbor for adults and children from all economic circumstances.
  • Our expanding outreach initiatives, such as South Shore SNAP (Special Needs Athletic Partnership) Program, for children with special needs, and the costs associated with hosting the Hingham High School rowing and sailing teams.
  • Equipment upkeep and replacement, which is a constant need in both rowing and sailing. Some examples of such costs include $250 for one oar, and $5,000 for a used 420 sailboat in good condition.
  • A contingency fund for unexpected occurrences, such as repairing the damage to the docks caused by the two storms in October, 2014 and ongoing maintenance of our extensive docking system. Being located on the ocean in New England means we need to expect the unexpected, and have the funds available to quickly make needed repairs and reduce disruptions in service. Program fees cannot cover these costs.

If you would like to make a gift online, click the link below:

Our Impact on the Community

We hear from our participants and supporters again and again what a positive impact HMC has had on someone’s life:

  • a parent who talks about the increase in confidence his child has gained from learning to sail;
  • a young mother who, inspired by her 80-year old boat mate, discovers a life-long activity that provides her exercise, camaraderie and peace of mind;
  • the teenagers who learn the values of teamwork and dedication as members of the high school rowing or sailing teams.
  • The business man who, as a teen, learned to sail at Lincoln when we first began in 1971, and now serves as a volunteer board member for Hingham Maritime in order to ensure that future generations have the same opportunity.

HMC offers everyone the opportunity to take advantage of our seaside location, even if they have never sailed or rowed before, with our many programs and clinics. Financial assistance is available for those who cannot afford the full cost, making the sea accessible for everyone who has the desire to get out there, regardless of financial circumstances.

IMG_4843Beginner youth sailors, ages seven and up, start in our Opti classes, a safe and fun introduction to the sport of sailing. Our fleet of turnabouts allow children to grow with the program and our 420 fleet provides more advanced sailing and racing opportunities for our youth sailors, with many of whom compete in local regattas. A wide range of sailing classes is also available for beginner through advanced adult sailors and we have over 200 youth and adults sail with us each year.

Row-worlds-endOur rowing program offers a similar experience to our sailing programs, where we offer both adult and middle school rowing classes on a four season basis. Our varied fleet of both sturdy open water boats, skill based small boats and sleek racing shells offer us the diversity to cater to a wide variety of skill and ability at both the youth and adult level. HMC first introduced rowing to Hingham Harbor in 2003 and since that point, the sport has grown from strength to strength.

In our 45 years of operating in the harbor, we have taught thousands of children and adults how to sail and row and hopefully helped engender a love of the sea and our harbor.

Please help us sustain this success story and support our work, so that we can continue to offer Boating For All!