The NEW Fall Masters Rowing Program at HMC

The NEW Masters Rowing Program at HMC
offers more rowing, more value, more community.

The Fall rowing session runs September 10 – October 19 

Registration HERE

This Fall, we will be restructuring our Masters (Adult) rowing program. Rather than signing up for a class twice a week, you will be signing up for a Hingham Maritime Center Masters Rowing membership. When you purchase the membership, you will be registering for a specific time block Monday through Friday. Weekend programming such as social rows and regattas will be announced soon.

Registration: If you have already registered for a program for this Fall or purchased the Four Seasons Package please email and we will transfer your registration to the time block of your choice. If you have not registered please do so online at If you have registered and do not wish to row this Fall please email and we will refund your registration fee.

The new Masters program structure will allow you to get on the water more, in different boats, and will give you the choice of the day’s intensity. If you want to row in a specific boat or with a specific group of people, your entire crew can come down at the beginning of the time block and speak to a coach on the docks. With weather, experience, and boat availability permitting, the coach will do their best to meet your requests. Once you have launched, you will meet up with a group on the water depending on the intensity you are looking for. We will have one coach on the water providing hints and tips to make you a better rower as you cruise the harbor and we will have another coach on the water offering a more structured practice with drills and a set workout for the morning. You do not have to decide which group you would like to participate with for the entire session, this new programming allows to listen to your body and take the conditions into consideration on a day to day basis. However, by Sunday at 5PM, you will need to sign up for the week’s practices on a Google Doc, if you have not signed up to row on a specific day that week, you are not guaranteed a seat on that specific day, but you may still attend and most likely will have the chance to row.

A Typical Practice for a 6:15 AM Time Block
6:00-6:15: Rowers are arriving, stretching and warming up, bringing oars to dock
6:15 AM: Everyone has arrived. Coach gives lineups and we head to the boats
6:15-6:25: Boats are launched and everyone is on the water
6:25-7:25: Rowers are rowing on the water
7:30-7:45: Boats are on the dock and being washed, cared for, and strapped down

● You can row up to 5x a week, 6x on weekends when we offer programming!
● You now have the flexibility to work around your schedule
● You can get the workout, or relaxing row, you want out of the morning
● You can row in many different types of boats throughout the season
● You will have a full boat every morning
● You might find a great new training partner with the same motivation and schedule as you
● Boats of different sizes, but same speeds, will train together, strengthening the training for all
● All rowers have access to coaching, you can decide if you want to log a lot of meters while getting some tips, or if you want to skill and drill before you do a structured workout
● You can get coaching when you want it and when you need it, while also having the option for a fun row if you want to unwind
● You have the opportunity to be a more competitive rower, if you would like to have that experience
● You can get on-land tips for stretching and strength
● You do not need to find a sub if you cannot make it for the morning

Things to consider:
● You might not get to row in the same lineup you have been with in the past. Coaches will do their best to accommodate boating requests with weather, experience, and boat availability permitting. We want you to have a great row with HMC and know that you love rowing with friends that you have rowed with for year. We will work with you to make this happen. We also know that rowing with different crews will make you a more versatile, and therefore, a technically stronger rower and the coaches may place you with rower or crew that become your favorite training partners.
● Your skill level might not be perfectly matched with your boatmates every row. You may be challenged some days in various ways whether it is rising to the next level to work out harder than you have before or focusing on technique and drills. Every rower in this program has something to learn and something to work on. Your workout is what you make of it and it always becomes positive when you take ownership of your rowing and development and create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone is allowed to pursue excellence.

Q: What are the available time blocks? 
A: 6:15AM – 7:45AM, 8:00AM – 9:30AM, 9:30-11:00 AM (Beginner Rowers and Independent Rowing), 6:00-7:30 PM

Q: What happens if I arrive after the start time? 
A: If you are not on time, the coaches will do their best to incorporate you in the lineups, but you must be flexible with the boat you are assigned and there is no guarantee you will row that day.

Q: I signed up for the 6:15 AM time block, but cannot make that time this week, is there any way I can row in another time block? 
A: On a daily, case by case basis, we can do our best to get you rowing as often as possible. Please try to email Sara by the Sunday before at 5:00 PM.

Q: What if I only plan on rowing once a week? Why do I have to pay the same price as people rowing 6 times a week? 
A: It is a membership fee, just like a gym membership, you’re paying for the access to equipment, events, and coaching. We hope you’ll come more than once a week!

Q: What if I forget to select my schedule by Sunday night; can I still row this week?
A: If you haven’t signed up by Sunday at 5pm, please add your name to the Google Doc as soon as you know you are able to come, but please understand that you will be prioritized last when lineups are being made, even if you are there on time or early.

Q: When can I begin to sign-up for the following week’s rowing? 
A: The Google Doc will be shared with all registered rowers from Friday at 8:00AM and you will have until Sunday at 5:00PM to sign up.

Q: If I’m in the evening class and it gets dark, do we still row? 
 A: Once the sun sets we will be on land with an erg and strength based workout, due to a shorter time block and less time on the water, the evening programming will be offered at a reduced price.